Monday, October 11, 2010

Behold...The Bump!

I am 17 weeks, and just starting to pop out. I won't say that I'm starting to show though, because my tummy seems to change everyday...some days it's flat, some days it's fat...and other days...well you know. So, even though I have this picture of a bump doesn't mean I will have it tomorrow. This picture is also of a full bladder, so that makes my tummy look even bigger.
Can't wait til I get out of the "fat/self-conscious stage" and into the "okay, you can tell she's pregnant stage."
I started showing at about 20+ weeks with Kai, so far this pregnancy has been completely opposite, so we won't compare. Alright, updated. Signing out.


syd.chris said...

you and kai look soooooo cute!!
thanks for the little update ;) I am so happy i can blog stalk you again!

Allan and Teresa Tipton said...

Its about time you starting showing off your tummy!

Kate & Jordan Van Ausdal said...

anj you are so stinkin skinny! Cute little's barely there lol. I'm so excited for you guys!