Monday, October 25, 2010

Hocus Pocus

Ingrid and I had the pleasure of attending the annual festival of Witches. In other words, we went to 'Witches Night Out' at Gardner's Village. It was sooooo much fun! We are going to start making it a tradtion to go there every year. It was fun to just dance, eat, laugh and take pictures with all the creepers around! It was perfect weather and there were some crazy, cool costumes. I want to go ALL out next year, now that I know what I'm up against! :)

She is a real witch.
One of the coolest costumes.

These are just a few of our pictures. As you can tell it was fun, and the company was great! :)

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Gar and Lis Caldwdell said...

Glad you had fun!You girls are so pretty!